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Sagamore Hills Restorative Dentist Brings Back Your Complete Smile

Senior couple smiling outdoors Thanks to restorative dentistry, we’re able to turn back the clock on our patients’ smiles. Whether you’ve suffered a chipped, cracked, decayed, or missing tooth, we can make it disappear thanks to our custom-made restorations. Each one will be designed to perfectly fit your smile and blend in with your other teeth. If you have a few teeth that need a little help or dental pain you want to go away, we have exactly what you need, so contact us today for an appointment.

Dental Implants

Animation of implant supported dental crown

Dental implants are the most complete and state-of-the-art tooth replacement solution available today. They are the only treatment that literally restores the entire tooth from bottom to top, giving you results that are virtually indistinguishable from nature. If you’re ready to get rid of the gaps, dental implants are your answer.

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Crowns & Bridges

Model smile with fixed bridge

Thanks to crowns and bridges, we can make even the most damaged teeth strong and beautiful again! A dental crown is a tooth-shaped “cap” that is placed over a natural tooth to restore and protect it so it can function for many years to come.

With two crowns, we can actually form a bridge to replace a few missing teeth in a row. A dental crown will be placed on the teeth that surround the space in your smile, and these will be bonded to prosthetic teeth to close it.

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Closeup of smile during dental exam

Fillings have been the go-to treatment for fixing small cavities and slightly damaged teeth. Thanks to composite resin-based fillings, they’re now better than ever. This material is strong, durable, and is specially shaded to blend in with a patient’s natural tooth color. Plus, it also enables our team to use smaller fillings when performing repairs, meaning we’ll be able to preserve more of your tooth’s natural structure (and strength) to give you a tooth that looks great and is built to last.

Full & Partial Dentures

Full dentures in glass of water

Multiple missing teeth can be easily and affordably replaced all at once thanks to modern-day dentures. Due to recent advancements in dental prosthetics, they are now smaller, sleeker, and more natural-looking than ever. A partial denture can replace multiple teeth while fitting in seamlessly with the remaining ones, while a full denture can instantly bring back an entire arch of teeth. Our team will design a denture that allows you to speak, eat, and smile with complete confidence.

Root Canal Therapy

Animation of the inside of the tooth

Every tooth actually has a small amount of soft tissue inside it called the dental pulp, and this is where the sensitive nerve of each tooth is located. When this pulp becomes damaged or infected due to injury or decay, it can cause a severe toothache—the kind that keeps you up at night. To relieve this kind of pain, Dr. Greenwood can perform root canal therapy to remove this infected tissue and restore the tooth. Thanks to modern-day dental techniques, this procedure is now no more “excruciating” than getting a small filling.

Tooth Extractions

Metal clasps holding extracted tooth

We work hard to help our patients keep all of their natural teeth, but sometimes, the best course of treatment is simply to remove one. This is often the case if a tooth is too damaged to be restored or room needs to be created for other treatments. In any case, we handle all extractions with a gentle touch and a generous amount of local anesthesia. At times a referral may be made to an oral surgeon for removal of complex wisdom teeth.

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