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An Inside Look at How Your Dentist Color-Matches Dental Crowns

September 14, 2022

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Thanks to modern technology, tooth decay and damage don’t need to be addressed with noticeable metal restorations. Instead, you can rebuild the look and function of your smile with lifelike dental crowns! Since there is a wide spectrum of colors to choose from, you may naturally be wondering how your dentist will find the perfect shade. For an inside look into this process, keep reading!

1. Look at Shade Over Color

Creating a seamless restoration starts with looking at the shade of your teeth. This encompasses the hue, chroma, and value. Hue is the color, like white, yellow, or gray. Chroma is the saturation of the hue, and value is how dark or light the shade is. With these three factors in mind, your dentist has an idea of what will be the perfect fit.

2. Create Natural Light Conditions

Before moving on to the next step, your dentist will make sure the lighting is just right. After all, you don’t want them to make the decision while you’re under a yellow, incandescent light! Instead, your dentist may ask you to move to the window or use a fluorescent light that mimics natural light. During this process, they may also ask you to remove bright-colored lipstick or place a gray bib over you if you’re wearing a vibrant shirt.

3. Use a Shade Guide

Now that your dentist has a general idea of what shade they are looking for and has created good lighting conditions, they will use a shade guide to find the option that bares the closest resemblance. This tool is simply a plastic card that has fake porcelain teeth attached, which range from deep yellow to bright white. Although it’s often used in the veneers process, it’s also helpful in the process of creating restorations, like dental crowns.

4. Get a Second Opinion

The last step will be to get a second opinion. This step may only take a few minutes, but it decreases the chances of inaccuracy. At this time, they may also hand the mirror over to you so you can take a look at the shade they selected and give your opinion as well!

Since one of the biggest benefits of metal-free dental crowns is their resemblance to natural teeth, the shade selection portion of the process is naturally extremely important. Now, you have a bit more insight into just how thorough of a process it is!

About the Author

After earning his undergraduate degree from the University of Cincinnati, Dr. Dan Greenwood obtained his DDS at The Ohio State University. In addition to having more than two decades of experience in the dental field, he’s an active member of several notable organizations, including the American Dental Association and the Ohio Dental Association. If you have a question about the dental crown process or you’d like to schedule a consultation, don’t hesitate to visit our website or call (330) 467-2522.

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